GMS Academic Placement

  • Student Placement and Scheduling

    Each year, we as middle school counselors facilitate the gathering of information to assist building administration with the development of the master schedule and the placement and scheduling of all students. This task requires us to collaborate with teachers, students and parents for recommendation of student placement and course selection.  

    While we help to facilitate the placement and scheduling of students, the final decision regarding student placement rests with the building principal. We work diligently to meet the varied needs of our students and maintain balanced instructional teams with equally diverse populations at each grade level. Many factors impact the placement process but academic needs outweigh social needs. We realize it is important to enjoy time with peers at school, however, arranging for friends to have similar schedules in not a primary consideration in the placement process. As students move through their years at middle school, we encourage them to expand their circle of friends and learn to navigate the many different personalities that exist in our school.

    Accelerated Classes

    Geneva Middle School provides enriched math classes in sixth and seventh grade, algebra in eighth grade and living environment in eighth grade.

    Accelerated Placement Process

    1. Student performance data is gathered. This includes:
      1. The final class averages from the previous year
      2. New York State assessment scores from the previous year
      3. Teacher recommendation.
      4.  Principal approval
    2. All gathered data is reviewed and ranked.
    3. Parents are then notified that their child is being invited to participate in an accelerated class.

    Academic Intervention Services

    The New York State Education Department has mandated that school districts provide Academic Intervention Services (AIS) to students who perform below a level 3 on state exams in English Language Arts (ELA) and Mathematics. AIS is delivered through a push-in model within ELA and math classes and through Learning Center, which provides small group instruction.  These services are used to support students to be successful in meeting New York State learning and graduation requirements.

    Parents are notified in writing of their child’s New York State test scores in ELA and math and if they will be receiving AIS services.