Reading List

  • These are some of the books that we have and like at Geneva Middle School:  

    Orson Scott Card's "Ender’s Game"

    An incredibly gentle, intelligent and powerful character, young Andrew Wiggins is thrown into the military conflict of the ages. Ender’s Game is a futurist science fiction classic that challenges and surprises.  

    Orson Scott Card's "Seventh Son"

    A hybrid novel of equal parts fantasy and historical fiction, Seventh Son is a well told tale steeped in early American folklore.

    Eoin Colfer's "Artemis Fowl"

    Often compared to James Bond or Sherlock Holmes adventures, the Artemis Fowl Series follows mysteries and adventures through a world of fairies and other magical creatures. 

    Christopher Paul Curtis's "The Watson’s Go to Birmingham 1963"

    The summer road trip from Michigan to Alabama is a laugh a minute for Kenny and his family until they see the ugliness of racism on the front lines of the Civil Rights Movement first-hand.  

    Nancy Farmer's "The House of the Scorpion"

    In a troubled world, plagued by cruelty, the opium trade and unethical cloning, Matteo must use his wits to survive and maintain his innocence. 

    Sharon Flake's "The Skin I’m In"

    This gritty inner-city novel follows Maleeka Madison and her struggles through a year at school, along with new teacher, Miss Saunders. Each character faces challenges that make it difficult to find her place. Realistic dialogue and strong characters make this a great novel, like all of Sharon Flake’s books.   

    Jack Gantos's "Joey Pigza Swallowed the Key"

    If there’s a way for ADHD Joey Pigza to get into trouble, he’ll find it. From pencil sharpeners to field trips, bus rides to meetings with the principal, Joey always has a way of pushing buttons and getting a strong reaction—always, even when he is trying to be good. All four books in the series are excellent.   

    Tim Green's "Football Genius"

    Troy White has the uncanny ability to anticipate exactly what play a team will run on offense before the play starts. He wishes this strange talent could help in some way—to improve his beloved Atlanta Falcons or to help him move from the bench of his football team. Can he make use of his ability? Will it be more trouble than help?

    Dan Gutman's "Jim & Me"

    This newest installment of the “Baseball Card Adventure” series focuses on the great Jim Thorpe, two-time Olympic Gold Medalist (decathlon, & pentathlon) who also played professional Football, Baseball and Basketball.  

    Brian Jacques' "Redwall"

    The first in the series, this medieval-style animal fantasy features an epic struggle between good and evil, pitting heroic mice and their allies against villainous rats.  

    Mike Lupica's "Heat"

    Michael Arroyo is very close to achieving his dream of pitching in the Little League World Series.  When his father dies and he is alone with his brother, things seem pretty bleak, but he is tough.  Now, on the verge of ultimate success will rumors kill his chance to play?   

    Gordon Korman's "No More Dead Dogs"

    Wallace Wallace who cannot tell a lie, will not back down from his negative book review. Mr. Fogleman won’t back down either. Every day spent in detention with Mr. Fogleman represents a missed football practice for Wallace. Who will back down first? How will this battle of wills change Wallace? Mr. Fogleman? The drama club where Wallace must serve his detention? The football team?

    Walter Dean Myer's "Monster"

    Accused of participating in a murder, Steve Harmon narrates the story of his trial and incarceration in the form of a written screenplay. With realistic dialogue and vivid emotion, Myer really explores his protagonist’s character. Is Steve still a person, or is he (as the judge says) another “Monster?” 

    Ken Oppel's "Airborn"

    This fantasy novel set in 1800s England is not unlike the works of Jules Verne and revolves around the investigation of flying creatures, which most cannot see, from the windows of flying airships.   

    Gary Paulsen's "Lawn Boy"

    Receiving a decrepit lawnmower as a birthday gift from his eccentric grandmother changes everything for this 12 year-old with a little luck and an entrepreneurial spirit. 

    Gary Paulsen's "Notes From the Dog"

    Finn is 14 years old and shy. He looks forward to spending a relaxing summer with his dad and best friend and mostly keeping to himself. When Johanna, a new neighbor arrives, Finn’s pulled outside himself and his world is turned upside down, revealing strength he and others were oblivious to.  

    Marjorie Rawlings' "The Yearling"

    In this is classic, Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, Jody Baxter Grows up. Living in rural Florida, Jody is no stranger to nature and animals. His adventures, especially with his pet deer bring good times as well as some tough lessons. 

    Rick Riordan "The Lightening Thief"

    In this first installment of the “Percy Jackson & the Olympians” novels we meet Percy Jackson, an ADHD, wise-cracking, first-person narrator on a quest for his own identity. Interactions with gods & goddesses and other famous characters make this fast-paced, humorous adventure a natural choice for mythology lovers.

    Roland Smith's "Peak"

    This is much more than just an exciting adventure novel with great climbing sequences. Set on Mt. Everest and New York City, our protagonist faces very real challenges and comes to terms with his father, himself and finds his place in the world. 

    Mark Twain's "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer"

    This classic boyhood adventure includes buried treasure, a murder mystery and too many other elements of high adventure and survival to list. The book is set in the early American South during slavery and touches on the inequality of slavery. It is a wonderfully entertaining book with a huge conscience and great preparation for more serious classics.   

    Gabrielle Zevin's "Elsewhere"

    15 year-old Liz learns that she is dead early in this strange, thought-provoking novel. Gabrielle Zevin captures readers’ interest as she explores the what-ifs of the afterlife. 

    All the authors listed here have written other good books. They are all widely available at libraries.