Classroom News

  • Mrs. Bailey's Physical Education Classes

    Students will have classes in the gym for the remainder of the first marking period. Please make sure they arrive with a pair of gym clothes and sneakers for each class. Our gym lockers can be used to store PE clothing but a lock is necessary if your child would like to leave clothing after class.

    Please remember to send a note to school if your child needs to be excused from a PE class.  Use the template on this website or just be sure to include the reason and dates your child will need to be excused.  These notes are also kept on file at the nurse's office.  Students may need to complete written work that follows the lesson and will need to complete bonus work or a make-up to earn the full five points.  Students with medical excuses will need to complete a written project that focuses on the unit being taught.

    Feel free to use the excuse template found on this site.

    Students can bring in a lock if they would like to use a gym locker during the year. We recommend a classic Master Lock brand lock.

    • The course outline and handbook can be viewed on this site.
    • Students need to make-up all missed classes (absences and/or excused classes).
      Make-ups take about 10–15 minutes after school.
    • Bonus work is also available if students arrive unprepared for a class.


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