Head Start Policy Council

  • The Geneva City School District Head Start Policy Council participates in shared governance of the Head Start program. The Policy Council functions as a link to communicate with parent committees and council members, operating as the voice advocating for parents of children enrolled in the district's Head Start program. The Policy Council is made up of parents and community members. Parents have to comprise the majority of the membership. Parents and community members are elected annually to serve on the Policy Council, which meets once a month. Policy Council members receive formal training to help them understand their roles and responsibilities. The Policy Council representative’s role is to express the ideas and viewpoints of the parents at the program they represent and communicate with other Head Start parents.

    Policy Council members cannot be Geneva City School District employees or related to any district Head Start employee by blood or marriage. There is a lifetime limit of three one-year terms to serve on the Policy Council, which may occur through a re-election by Head Start parents at the center committee level each year.