WS PAWS Program

  • The PAWS Program teaches students what is expected of them, rewards them for good behavior, and expects that behavior to continue in to high school and into adulthood. Panther PAWS is a method of positive reinforcement, teaching, recognizing and rewarding good behavior. In essence it rewards students for getting “caught being good,” above and beyond the norm. PAWS stands for:

    P – Patience and Kindness

    A – Academic Excellence

    W – Working Together

    S – Safe and In Control 

    First we must teach the children what we expect from them; what good behavior is and what it looks like. Examples of good behavior include such things as saying “please” and “thank you”, giving the right of way to others, speaking in a respectful voice, respecting others personal space, being helpful and taking turns.

    This positive message is delivered consistently throughout the child’s school career. Each school will have the same expectations for all students, thus improving the culture in the schools. The goal is that school be a place they are proud of and proud to be a part of. Not only is the goal to change the culture in the school setting but to have it impact the children’s lives in all areas. If they are taught and learn correct behavior in school, then hopefully they will behave properly in all settings including your store, in the park or in the theatre.