The Becky Addona Grant

  • The MissionBecky Adonna and her husband, Don Adonna.

    To provide support for teachers pursuing innovative ways to Teach, Learn and Create, while employing “many varied and unusual ways” to reach all children, providing students at every level with exciting and challenging classroom experiences.


    • Applicants must be employees of the Geneva City School District (Head Start, Pre-K through grade 5). Both certified and support staff are eligible to receive grant awards.
    • In the event the recipient relocates to another position, school, or out-of-district, the grant may be withdrawn. However, if it can be demonstrated to the satisfaction of the directors that the project will be carried out as envisioned, the grant may be retained on a case-by-case basis.
    • Grants will be awarded without regard to applicant’s race, age, creed, gender or national origin.

    Types of Proposals that May Be Funded

    Grants requests for $100 to $1,000.

    Guiding Criteria for All Grant Proposals

    See the rubric provided for each level of proposal to learn the specific scoring criteria

    • Preference is given to proposals that are innovative and creative, incorporating “many varied and unusual ways” to reach all children.
    • Grant proposals that affect a large number of students, and/or include grade-level-to-grade-level are encouraged.
    • The proposal is not fully fundable by other sources. Collaboration with other groups or agencies in securing supplemental resources (financial, equipment/supplies, and/or volunteer work) is appropriate.
    • Projects that have continuing benefits for students, other teachers, or classes after completion are encouraged. Do not identify names of employees in the application.
    • The project is compatible with current educational objectives/curriculum of the Geneva City School district.
    • The project will comply with state regulations.
    • Technology requested in the proposal should be used in innovative ways and/or have significant impact on student achievement.

    Foundation Expectations

    • The grant is to be used solely for the purpose described in the application.  Funds must be used during the next school year; otherwise, funds may be forfeited.
    • The Foundation will forward funds to the district office. The district will administer the disbursement of grant dollars. Grant winners are to request funds from Haley Brown. All tangible property or publications resulting from work carried out under the grant shall specifically acknowledge the support of The Becky Addona TLC Grant Fund.
    • Project Evaluation: Recipients of grants must submit an evaluation to the Board of Directors at the conclusion of the project in the manner. Photographs of any grant ‘work-in-action’ are appreciated and can be sent to
    • Public acknowledgment (such as a letter to the editor, article in the school newsletter, remarks to a parent or other organization) regarding the financial support for the grant by the The Becky Addona TLC Grant is appreciated by the Board of Directors.

    Helpful Hints

    • Grant readers may not be educators. The application should contain terms that are easy to understand.
    • Food should not be a major element of the grant. Include food items only if they are essential to the success of the project and explain why.
    • Substitute staff and other personnel costs are seldom considered for funding.
    • Grants should include “many varied and unusual ways” for all children.

    Application Procedures


    • To avoid having your application disqualified, follow directions completely.
    • Any reference by name in the application to an individual will disqualify it (applications are evaluated by a blind review process beginning with page 2 of the application; page 1 is not provided to grant readers).
    • Do not exceed twenty (20) words to describe the proposal.
    • Do not include copies of catalog pages, web links, pictures and/or drawings.
    • Do not exceed the number of pages specified in the application (4 pages).
    • Applicant must use the following fonts: Arial or Calibri. Font size: 11
      Application must be saved as a Microsoft Word document for submission.
    • Any grant proposals must have approval from their principal.
    • If the grant proposal involves technology, District support and maintenance of equipment must be approved by the appropriate administrator.

    More Information

    Reach out to the Addona family directly by e-mailing Lauren Romero or Geneva City Schools by e-mailing Grants Aide Wendy Ball or calling (315) 781-0400 ext. 1202.