• There are over 2,100 students enrolled in the Geneva City School District in PK–12. One of the most amazing aspects of Geneva is the incredible range of diversity amongst its population. At least 34 languages are spoken locally and more than 12 religious faiths practiced. This convergence of cultures and ethnicities enriches the city and those that live here.

    The Geneva City School District is a microcosm of this. Our student population is comprised of approximately 12.3 percent African-American, 30.6 percent Hispanic, 44.6 percent Caucasian, 10.7 percent mixed race, 1.7 percent Asian, and .1 percent Native American. Our students are unusually well prepared to interact effectively with people of varied backgrounds and experiences. These abilities have served our students well, in terms of interaction with peers of institutions of higher education and with coworkers in the world of work.

Diversity pie graph
  • Diversity

    • 41.0 percent White 
    • 35.2 percent Hispanic or Latino
    • 12.3 percent Multiracial
    • 10.4 percent Black
    • 1.1 percent Asian