• Geneva Scholars Academy Reopening Plan Amendments

    Summer 2021 


    The following amendments to the Geneva City School District’s Reopening plan are for the Geneva Scholars Academy and are in compliance with the most recent COVID-19 Health and Safety guidelines from NYSED and the Ontario County Department of Health. Only the items below are amended and all other guidelines in the district’s reopening plan remain unchanged. All amended items or components of items are highlighted in yellow. 

    Per updated guidelines, all summer programs will be completely in-person. Any reference to hybrid or remote learning should be disregarded throughout the entire reopening plan.


    Social (Physical) Distancing

    • Three-feet distance will be maintained, unless the safety or core function of the activity requires a shorter distance. Three feet will be maintained throughout the building, including classrooms, hallways, bathrooms, and buses. Increased social distancing of 12 feet in all directions will be maintained between individuals while participating in activities requiring aerobic activity, heavy breathing, voice projection or playing a wind instrument.
    • Because of Ontario County’s low risk rating, a cohorting model is not longer necessary.  
    • Special area/Enrichment teachers will deliver instruction in their own classroom. 

    Face Coverings & Personal Protective Equipment

    • All staff, students, and visitors will wear a face covering at all times except for during meals,  instruction with social distancing and outdoor recess/activities. 

    Safety Drills

    Safety Drills will be conducted while maintaining social distancing and PPE requirements.

    • Drills will be conducted in the normal fashion with all classroom evacuating at the same time ensuring students are three feet apart in hallways, stairwells, and at the evacuation site.


    • If a child does not have a mask or refuses to wear a mask, at least four empty seats in the front of the bus are reserved for that child to remain six feet from any other children;
    • Students will be seated three feet apart and will be required to wear masks. All bus windows will be opened to increase air circulation during the ride.  

    Teaching and Learning

    Models of Instruction

    • All summer programming will be done in-person following all social and hygiene requirements. There are no options for hybrid or remote learning during the summer program. (All components in the reopening plan that discusses hybrid or remote should be omitted and replaced with the above sentences.)
    • Should a class or program need to quarantine per the Ontario County Department of Health, all guidelines and protocols in the reopening plan will be followed and implemented.


    • Daily attendance at summer programming is highly recommended for continued learning.  Students are recorded in attendance when they are physically present for the program.  There are no hybrid or remote options for summer programming.

    Teacher/Parent Communications

    • All teachers will touch base with families via ParentSquare to provide them with an e-mail address;

    School Nutrition

    • For students that will not be in attendance at school every day, meal pickup will occur at a designated place in every building that is having remote learning.