Geneva Pre-K Registration

  • Ready to Enroll in Pre-K?

    All Geneva City School District residents who will be 3 or 4 years old by Dec. 1 of the school year they are enrolling for are eligible to apply for pre-kindergarten. The district offers two pre-kindergarten programs: universal pre-kindergarten and Head Start, which are seamlessly integrated at our North Street School location, and also offered at various community sites.

     Enrollment Deadlines

    Enrollment in universal pre-kindergarten and Head Start occurs every spring. Late applications are accepted but may be placed on a wait list.

  • Family Service Facilitator (Pre-K Registrar)

    Cecilia Rodriguez
    E-mail Ms. Rodriguez
    Phone: (315) 781-4104 ext. 7008

  • Apply for UPK

    Universal Pre-K Requirements


    Universal pre-kindergarten is open to all Geneva City School District residents; space is limited, and selection is by lottery every spring.

    Families enrolling students for universal pre-kindergarten must submit the following:

    Required Forms

    • K–12 Registration
    • Student Racial & Ethnic Identification
    • Residency Questionnaire
    • Student Health Data

    Supporting Documents

    • Proof of age
    • Proof of residency
    • Proof of physical
    • Proof of immunizations
    • Custody papers or proof of guardianship, if relevant


  • What to Expect for UPK

    Phase 1

    • You must complete the Required Forms (see Requirements above)
    • You must submit Supporting Documents (see Requirements above)

    Phase 2

    • We will conduct a lottery every spring and determine placement.

    Phase 3

    • We will let you know if your application was successful, and, if so, provide details regarding placement, start date, and schedule
  • What to Expect for Head Start

    Phase 1

    Phase 2

    • We will let you know during your intake interview if you qualify, and answer any questions you may have

    Phase 3

    • We will provide details regarding placement, start date, and schedule, if your application is approved