GHS Course Catalog

  • With the help of their parents and counselor, students are asked to select appropriate and challenging courses from the course descriptions in these pages to create a schedule. This guide is intended to acquaint you with the various courses of study (and particular criteria for each) available in our high school.

    Each course may be located within its individual department pages at left.

    Please take the time to read each section carefully. A hard copy of the course catalog, which includes more detailed information, is available in the Counseling Office.

    Planning Your Future

    Choose your vocation as early as possible.

    The freshmen year is not too early to start the process of planning for your future.  This process begins with continuous conversation within your family and with your counselor.  And, it includes planned grade level interest and ability inventories, career exploration, and your participation in shadowing and internship opportunities. 

    Plan your high school program carefully.

    Certain courses are required (or recommended) for entrance to college, to vocational schools, or to certain occupations.  Regular communication with your counselor with regard to these requirements is assured

    Become a well-rounded individual!

    Develop hobbies and participate in school, community, and church activities.  Broaden your fields of interest through reading and contacts with people.

    Learn about Scholarship requirements. Plan finances.

    Parents and students together will need to consider the combination of savings, scholarships, loans, and part-time student jobs when planning the finances of higher education. Our counselors are a great resource for you when making these decisions.

    Check out our Scholarship Bulletin, updated every week, for more information.