Mental Health Resources

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  • 2-1-1 Lifeline

    2-1-1 directs families to resources for Mental Health, Crisis Services, Youth Behavioral Health, Food Resources, Substance Abuse, hotlines, and more.

    Call 2-1-1

  • Contact a Crisis Responder today.

    You can connect through a call, text, or web chat.

  • Call or Text:

    (315) 715-3344

    Contact a crisis responder whenever you are in need.

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  • 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline

    9-8-8 is active across the United States. It is a quick, easy number to dial and access mental health crisis services.

    Call: 9-8-8

Geneva CSD Mental Health Providers

Community Mental Health Resources

Community Mental Health Counselors

Trauma, Grief & Loss Resources

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Additional Community Resources

Anger Management

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  • Anger management is learning to recognize early signs of anger & to take action without lashing out. Some signs of difficulty dealing with anger are:

    • Often feel you have to hold in your anger
    • Frequent arguments with your partner, children, or co-workers
    • Legal troubles
    • Physical violence, such as hitting your partner or children or starting fights
    • Threats of violence against people or property
    • Out-of-control behavior, such as breaking things or driving recklessly