Office of Student Services

  • The Office of Student Services, the department that includes Special Education, is located at Geneva Middle School. Geneva City Schools offers special education services to students ages 3–21. If you suspect that your pre-school child has a disability, please call (315) 781-0400. If you think your school-age child might have a disability, please contact your child's teacher or school counselor for referral information.

    This department includes: 

    • Special Education Services
    • School Counselors
    • School Social Workers
    • Manifestation Determination Hearings
    • Hospital/Home Tutoring Services
    • Medicaid School-based services
    • District Crisis Team

    Director of Student Services

    Ms. Tonya Russell
    E-mail Ms. Russell
    Phone: (315) 781-0400 ext. 1400

    Secretary to the Department of Student Services 

    Ms. Kathy Babb
    E-mail Ms. Babb
    Phone: (315) 781-0400 ext. 1402

    Interim Committee on Special Ed (CSE) Chairperson 

    Ms. Diann Warner 
    E-mail Ms. Warner 
    Phone: (315) 781-0400 ext. 1407

    Interim Committee on Preschool Special Ed (CPSE) Chairperson

    Ms. Carol McFetridge 
    E-mail Ms. McFetridge
    Phone: (315) 781-0400 ext. 1404

    Secretary for CPSE

    Ms. Cathi Walwork
    E-mail Ms. Wallwork
    Phone: (315) 781-0400 ext. 1401

    School Psychologists

    Contact Us

    101 Carter Road
    Geneva, NY 14456
    Main office: (315) 781-0400
    Office hours: 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. weekdays