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North Street School to have literacy garden

Posted Thursday, June 2, 2022 —


With the help of Geneva High School’s Green Club and the Wyckoff Family Foundation, North Street School will soon be home to a Literacy Garden.


The high school students are in the process of creating an outdoor sanctuary for classes, as well as a quiet space for students to read, reflect and relax. “We want to have a nice little environment for students, where they can go and just engage with each other,” said Green Club member Katelyn Ikle.


The Literacy Garden will be in the elementary school’s central courtyard. They were able to submit the project for a Wyckoff Family Foundation grant with the help of North Street School librarian Christine Joslyn, and work began last June, according to club advisor Kirsten Abbott. Club members worked with landscapers to design and reclaim the space. “The kids were there at 7:30 a.m. from June through August prepping the garden,” said Ms. Abbott.


Setting to work that early on a summer morning proved less of a challenge for the teenagers than might be expected. “We were happy to be a part of things,” said Katelyn. “I think we were excited to see what progress we were going to make,” said Clare Canario, another Green Club member. “Last year’s president, Emily McFadden, really carried the torch,” Ms. Abbott added. Parent volunteers also assisted, with special mention due Susan Pliner, who was a crucial member of the team, according to Abbott.


Work was underway this April to improve the soil conditions. And club members planned to attend a local native plant sale to purchase plants for the space. They also plan to add a book box for borrowing much like those visible around town.


For Katelyn, their efforts will be worthwhile when she sees the North Street students begin using the space. “The time is finally going to result in something that’s impactful,” Clare agreed.


Green Club Members

  • Daria Blanchard
  • Owen Brown
  • Clare Canario (secretary)
  • Nicholas Caster
  • Barrow Dunn
  • Gabrielle Durkin
  • Katelyn Ikle (president)
  • Dylan Ivanchikova-Crouse
  • Jenna Kafrawi (vice president)
  • Anna Kerr
  • Madison Martinez
  • Colin Matthews
  • Natalie McFadden (public relations/social media)
  • Mikayla Myer
  • Alexandra Oddi
  • Moriah Pilet
  • Ella Seidel
  • Owen Sellers
  • En-Ya Shen (treasurer)
  • Lily Silver
  • Maria Urrutia