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Math teacher accepted to Master Teacher program

Posted Wednesday, Feb. 26, 2020 — 


Geneva High School math teacher Rachel Gillotte was accepted to the New York State Master Teacher Program.

The Master Teacher Program was launched by Gov. Andrew Cuomo in partnership with The State University of New York and Math for America. Its intent is to foster and celebrate high-performing STEM teachers by establishing a community dedicated to developing expertise in areas of content, pedagogy, and students’ families and communities.

Mrs. Gillotte joins Geneva High chemistry teacher Kirsten Abbott in the program—Ms. Abbott is in her second year.

As part of the program, Master Teachers form small Professional Learning Teams (PLTs) focused on developing and sharing best practices in a range of science, technology, engineering and math subject areas.

Mrs. Gillotte was drawn to the program by the professional development and collaboration opportunities provided. “We’re part of the Finger Lakes cohort,” said Mrs. Gillotte, explaining all enrolled teachers meet monthly at SUNY Geneseo. “We have to get 50 hours a year of STEM professional development.”

Mrs. Gillotte is so far enjoying the work. “It’s been really cool,” she said. Teachers are not limited to their own STEM subject area, so some of Mrs. Gillotte’s first sessions delved into technology and science. Mrs. Gillotte was among 28 Finger Lakes teachers accepted.