Why is the District having a capital project vote?

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Geneva City School District is committed to exercising care and good judgment in managing the community resources with which we are entrusted. This means continuing to take care of our schools, an important asset the community owns. The district is addressing its highest-priority facilities and educational programming needs now, rather than delaying and facing future higher costs and further deterioration.


Just as one’s home ages and needs upkeep and repairs to keep it in good shape, so too do our schools. Routine facility maintenance and repair work is typically funded within the annual district budget, with local taxpayers bearing the full cost; however, large renovations, reconstruction, and replacement of “end of useful life” items, as we are proposing with this project, would have a major impact on the tax rate if included in the annual district budget. A capital project proposition is the fiscally responsible alternative because the State reimburses a vast majority of the cost, and the expense is spread out over a longer period of time.