How was the proposed capital project developed?

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After our last capital project was completed, the district embarked on a long-range planning process to assess current and future capital improvement needs and the means to responsibly achieve them. During this process, critical safety upgrades and building preservation needs were identified and prioritized, as were opportunities to enrich our students through academic program enhancements. To evaluate conditions at all facilities, the district utilized its building condition survey (BCS), which is mandated by the State to be conducted every five years, and considered work completed in previous projects.


The district also established a Capital Improvement Steering Committee consisting of many active members and important voices from our community. The committee met regularly throughout the year to review the concepts and ideas being considered and provide their feedback. Key program needs and initiatives were also reviewed with teachers and staff. The district and its consultants then reviewed all recommendations over several meetings and developed the project’s scope, delivery timeline, and financing options to develop a reasonable and responsible project that would have no additional tax impact on our community.